CRB Check

Welcome to the CRBCheck website providing you with information about the Criminal Record Bureau Checks (CRB Check / Police Check) and what they entail. CRBCheck4U is a registered Umbrella Body for the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) and is able to provide CRB checks at a Standard or Enhanced level.

CRBCheck4U acts as an Umbrella Body to the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) and additionally provides a unique one stop shop for background screening. Through our thorough CRB screening processes we are able to ensure the suitability of individuals for any given position.

What organisations need to know...

If you run a Company, Charity or Voluntary Organisation, CRBCheck4u can tell you how to get your company registered and how to get your employees CRB Checked simply and efficiently. Do you run an organisation? Well here at CRBCheck4U we can also tell you how you can get receive great benefits using bulk discounts for your organisation.

What are CRB Checks

A CRB check is a report from the police which details any and all entries the police have on their system for you

How do I Complete a CRB Check

Completing a CRB Check is simple and fast with our online enquiry form, you enter your details on our online enquiry form and we will contact you with the rest

What types of CRB Checks are there

There are two types of Criminal Records Bureau Check. These are a "Standard CRB Check" and an "Enhanced CRB Check". The type you require will depend on your business or the type of job your staff or applicant will be undertaking will dictate which CRB Check is right for you

Why do I need a CRB check? I'm not a criminal!

Don't panic! This is just a formality for most people and is purely a precautionary measure to ensure people are safe on there activities. The search is for RELEVANT records, so, for instance, there is also no need to worry if you want to work with children but have a speeding ticket!